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Date:2006-03-04 20:13
Mood: bouncy

It's been forever since I've written in this. >.> My apologies~

I'll try to remember to post some pictures, but just so everyone knows:


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Date:2005-09-24 16:49
Mood: accomplished

Geez, I totally forgot to do any sort of update on this journal forever. x_o

Still haven't defeated Dynamis Lord, but IceFarmers (my tuesday raid) continues to get EXTREMELY close to this goal. We got him to 9% last week, and this past tuesday we got him to about 15%, but some stuff went wrong so we probably could have done much better. We've also completely pwned attestation NMs, though we haven't gotten any that can be used immediately. I know one or two people are very, very close to getting their relic weapons upgraded to full.

I am now 3/5 on black mage AF2! I have hat, coat, and pants. So now I'm slowly not just presenting the best face when I put Yen in all that AF2 in pictures. Some people thought it was my full AF2 because I run around in silver/black gauntlets and silver boots (pieces of my melee outfit). Nah, but I'm getting closer, which makes me happy. I mostly just want full AF2 now so I can point and laugh at Ayrea.

Which leads me into something that's bothered me lately: The AF2 greed some people radiate is astounding. I don't know if it's trying to fool myself by thinking the main reason we're all there ISN'T AF2, but the people that flaunt that desire for it like they don't even care about the experiences, the funny jokes we make, the feeling of friendship and the bonds we form over this game. It's unfortunate, but two people that I otherwise like have done this. A RDM kept on continually babbling about "his" hat and how it should drop basically for him to win. It's okay to want the AF2 to drop and to want to win it, but it's not really polite to go on about it, is it?

Cidriel has become a permanent member of HappyHumans, my friday raids, yay~ unfortunately, HH needs some reform, because the raids have kind of gotten a bit sloppier every week. Alpsyche told me last night he was thinking of ditching HH and going with FateSealers' raids instead. See, people in HH don't like him. Not as badly as the annoyance people hold for, say, Aeges, but there are vocal few who complain about him and his performance. The event that stands out is when he won BLM AF2 pants for his BLM that deleveled twice doing Chains of Promathia missions, but he had applied for AF2 when he was the limit level. So, Kirakun didn't tell him to pass. Ayrea would have won it if he did, and so naturally she is PISSED AS HELL. She continues to be and just won't drop it. I've alternately made her my enemy and become a comrade depending on her mood. But I just don't put up with her shit anymore.

Beyond this, I haven't had much time to play lately due to school, so I'm mostly just doing Dynamis-type stuff. I did manage to finally get past the Aqueducts in CoP missions, and I definitely intend to finish CoP before the new expansion "Treasures of Aht Urhgan" comes out. I thought briefly that maybe I should leave the game, but I didn't expecially want to--it came down to deciding if it was worth my limited play time to still pay $16 a month. And I decided that yes, it's definitely worth it. Playing less is just fine and good. Just because I can't dedicate days at a time to the game anymore does not mean I have to quit. So I look forward to the next expansion with a lot of excitement, because it promises new jobs and possibly a whole new CONTINENT of areas to explore, and that's the one aspect of the game that's never let me down--exploration. That and Dynamis are two of my favorite things, and I don't mind paying that much a month to keep on doing those.

And dear god, "Distant Worlds", the Chains of Promathia ending song, is so gorgeous. It makes me feel sentimental. I wish I had the lyrics for it. If anyone knows, don't delay giving me a link/posting them here.

Okay, I've been meaning to post some pictures, so here you go.Collapse )

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Date:2005-07-31 10:09
Mood: sad

Long time no update. :D

So I got my AF2 pants at long last! I thought I wouldn't get 'em, since BLM AF2 had dropped just earlier in the raid, but there we are. Tonban. <3

Unfortunately, it comes with a price. My trying to comfort others and encourage them that we'll get more was not welcome.

...Yeah. Basically, they didn't like Alpsyche and me reassuring them that we'd help them get more.

That hurts like you wouldn't believe. I WANT to see the rest of the BLM get AF2... and I like seeing people get AF2 who are very vocally happy about it and have the spirit of going on. I know what it feels like to not win AF2. Granted, I have more AF2 than several people, but that doesn't mean I can't understand. I know how horrible it felt when I lost my chance at winning the sorcerer's petasos, and that's an incredibly rare drop. The fact that I didn't win the lot isn't what hurt--it's that I thought I had won, and then a late lotter jumped in after I had already stared in disbelief. I can't, however, believe that people are so angry about not getting any that they don't want the winners to share their joys. The happiness of their comrades who they have fought long and hard with doesn't matter to them?

It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach that I'm expected to just shut up and keep going, and that I'm not allowed to empathize with others. You're only allowed to talk about it if you lose? I thought we were all in this together--to share the joys and sorrows of Dynamis.

So much for being a tight-knit team. -_-

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Date:2005-06-26 17:49
Subject:Lack of update

My apologies for the lack of updates, been... not busy, necessarily, just extra lazy.

Lots has happened! Quick summary:

1) Dynamis. Oh the endless Dynamis. Working on defeating Dynamis Lord, but with no real luck yet.

2) Got Arkh and Crosz some Tu'Lia lovin'. :D

3) Fought BCNM99, the behemoth fight. Tres awesome, to actually be able to run from Meteor again. I think I got aggro at some point, but it's hard to tell because he just sort of swiveled around in my direction before he began casting Meteor again.

4) Ark Angels = pwned. Go go black mages!

5) Red mage AF is all done, now to just level up to the point that I can wear it.;

6) Got the key item to make sushi, so sushi has been created.

All I can think of right now. ; Maybe some screenshots later.

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Date:2005-05-20 00:43

In other news...

Nyanyanyanya. ~(m'-')m

Time to finish some other storylines.

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Date:2005-05-20 00:37

...Collapse )

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Date:2005-04-29 14:01
Subject:The greatest treasure. Damned pirates.
Mood: amused

Locked away, deep within the treasure room in the Maze of Shakhrami, I found...

Vana'diel's only toilet.

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Date:2005-04-21 22:30

This entry is inspired by the fact that I am standing around Ru'Lude Gardens, bored out of my mind while we slowly get people together for WSNM fights.

Now, ever since I started playing, I've been obsessed with giving Yen fun and amusing outfits. I don't know why--I'm not a fashion-oriented person at all in real life. Give me a pair of baggy black pants and a comfy loose top and I'm good to go. FFXI, however... Well, I can't help but think that Yen just likes it.

Being a high level BLM means lots and lots of outfits. A different bit of equipment for a different occasion. Today's occasion... is FABULOUSNESS.

(This doesn't even cover, say, the RDM outfits I have, which are already becoming a celebration of amusing clothes.)

First, back to the basics. Here we have the original artifact set. About half of it is, miraculously, Shantotto's clothing. I'm not fully sure how that works, but okay! Yen finally got the mold out of the hat, too.

Next up is the San d'Oria national aketon, actually known as the Kingdom aketon. Not much of an outfit here, though the igqira stuff does go okay with it. Also pretty useless in Jeuno, because the aketon gives increased movement speed in San d'Oria. But hey. It's pretty.

Errant gear, topped with my demon helm instead of the dorky errant hat. It's got some insane INT+, but considering I can get elemental skill and magic attack bonus out of other pieces, I just use the top for resting (+5 MP when resting), and the pants for whenever I want to throw my INT all over the place. Also, as for looks... well, it's a bit too FLUFFY for a black mage, don't you think? Other than the helm, which screams "trying too hard", but it's great for running around Xarcabard. Gotta blend.

Moving on, we have the nearly-full Igqira set, missing the boots because they're expensive to make and pretty crappy for stats in most scenarios. Anyway, iqgira. Primal, dangerous, sexy (without being too showy). Also funny to randomly curse people in Ballista with it. This is one of my two favorite outfits.

And finally, my other favorite outfit and sort of a work-in-progress, the AF2 set. Gotta love all the black on a ... well, a black mage. Purple is good too. The hat was specially crafted by Llydia (aka Llewelyn). I'm hoping to replace the errant and stuff with actual AF2 eventually, but considering I got EXTREMELY lucky with this, that'll take a while.

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Date:2005-04-20 00:41
Mood: amused


Alpsyche (perma THF extraordinare), having lost his level in Dynamis, wanted to go get it back while skilling up. No problem, right?


He, myself, and Ely were making our way through the crabs and spiders when I see, from the shadow, Guivre. I stammer out a "RUN!" and Ely and I duck into the nearby tunnel. Alpsyche... takes off running after him.


So he ends up with... this mess.

And what kills him?

A stupid ghost. XD All for 2000 gil.

I love my perma.

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Date:2005-04-20 00:11
Mood: enthralled

.... the best Dynamis - Beaucedine in the history of mithra black mages!

behold.Collapse )

Plus, 8 pieces of currency, and I got CHARMED. Yes, CHARMED. For those readers unfamiliar, Beastmaster enemies in Dynamis can charm, or take control, of you for a limited time. Only... it took control of about 10 people. At once. So there was a cloud of people chasing Dchaos around. XD Plus, I got Aspired. ( _ _)<3

Overall, awesome. I laughed, I squealed, I shook with amazed glee as I won the Sorcerer's coat lot with 241... yes... 241... the other BLM lotted 110 and 67. Only five BLM were present, two already had it...

A fine, fine run! :D Now, I just need the hat... my AF hat looks silly with it. ...actually, most of my equip looks silly with it. Alas.

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Date:2005-04-09 01:28
Subject:Dynamis - Beaucedine
Mood: accomplished

(spoilers) We are briefed by Cornelia, years ago. If we can recover the final trophy, we can lift the veil to Xarcabard... and with a prayer, we are sent. (/spoilers)

Dynamis - Beaucedine, a truly dangerous place. The moon rises over us. Kirakun and Pockie warned us that this one was tough--we had to move, and fast. Time is always against us in Beaucedine.

The monsters are fierce and the NMs numerous, as well. But we made it to Fei'Yin without incident, where the megaboss waits... along with four dragons. Alpsyche will pull the dragons and take them to the starting point so that we can kill the mega boss.

The mega boss, when attacked, teleports around the arena randomly... Fenrir and Carbuncle were sent out to track it down when it disappeared. We killed it very quickly, and we got our key item. Well... all but Alpsyche. He was still alive, kiting the dragons around Beaucedine. It was time to go and try to save him. We ran far, far back... I saw some melee staring around the corner, and instead of stopping, I of course ran around it... and then immediately ran back, with my tail ablaze. (Note: This is the coolest picture EVER)

Everyone scattered and tried to escape. I took more breath damage and fell. Many others arrived at the same fate, though a few were merely bitten or stomped upon. Abott and Elyndra found me and rested beside me while the dragons were rampaging other people in the alliance. An amusing cry rang out somewhere in here, and the dragons went charging past once again.

Look carefully at these next pictures... note in this one that little taru in errant over on the far right... well, the view as the dragon departed... Yes, he's trying to hit the dragon with a dark staff.

(Spoilers) Time expired shortly after, and she greeted us again, once outside. And from there...(/Spoilers)

To Xarcabard

Bonus--Quick and dirty NM catalogueCollapse )

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Date:2005-03-27 14:17
Subject:HNM hunting.
Mood: irritated

A summary:

Leader: "Let us depart at the appointed time and hunt the mighty Simurgh."
All LS: "Yea!"
Leader: "And here is the appointed spot at the appointed time. Yenyoji, you shall stand here, for it spawns behind ye."
Yenyoji: "Understood."
Jackass: "Lo, this spot is terribly boring. I'm going to walk around. Yenyoji, cover this area."
Yenyoji: "Understood."
Simurgh: "I am the mighty Simurgh, whose boots are coveted by all! And here is the behind of a mithra wearing a demon hat."
Rival WHM: "Egads! I Flash thee!"
Simurgh: "I am enraged!"
All LS: "And so are we."
Yenyoji: "Yikes."
Jackass: "Behold, the newbs laid claim to Simurgh."
Yenyoji: "Yes, god forbid a budding HNM LS makes some money for once."
Jackass: "What was that?
Yenyoji: "I said, alas, at least we have the time of death."

Leader: "We shall kill it next time. Ho, to Roc!"
All LS: "Ho!"
Leader: "None are here. It is as good as ours!"
Roc: "Yo."
Rival RNG: "Haha, you all are fools! Your pull is slow, look, it walked around a good four seconds without your notice!"
All LS: "Silence, ye!"
Rival RNG: "I have the coveted time of death; we shall see thee tomorrow, simpletons!"
Jackass: "Newb!"

Leader: "And now, to Serket, the mighty scorpion! It is heavily camped, but we are many, surely we can outpull the masses!"
Fellow BLM: "Nay, I must sleep, thus the pond may be unguarded. Farewell, my comrades."
All LS: "Farewell, rest!"
Serket: "Avast, I bring destruction upon you! Egads, the rear of a mithran who is wearing a demon's skull."
Rival RDM: "Dia!"
Leader: "Egads, Yenyoji, you missed the pull once more."
Yenyoji: "A falsity, for that was our comrade's place before she retired. So there."
Leader: "Bugger."
Jackass: "Let us hope they fail!"
Rival group: "You cannot touch us, Serket!"
Serket: "I admit defeat."
Rival group: "Shield, alas."

Jackass: "We lost to newbs and Japanese! Forget that they respawn every day, forget that we usually get the claim on Simurgh! I am enraged that someone else had a chance!"
Yenyoji: "Wah wah wah."
Jackass: "Snarl and such!"


Seriously, though, why can't people just accept we were outpulled and not start drama? ;

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Date:2005-03-19 01:35
Mood: amused

I was arsed to post Dynamis-Jeuno screenshots. :O

We won. XD

I walked away with this little toy. It's going to take a bajillion gil to upgrade it. ~_~;

This is eight kinds of awesome.

Watch closely.

Damnit, he did it again.

Trying desperately to avoid train #2094245

Didn't work.; That RNG there scavenged on my head before meandering off. Was he expecting a Zenith crown or something?

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Date:2005-03-10 00:42

Light weather in Tu'LiaCollapse )

I love Ru'Aun Gardens. <3

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Date:2005-03-03 09:14
Mood: thoughtful

Ah yes, nothing like being caught gawking at a JP person's equip for a good 5 minutes. At least all he did was /smile at me, when he realized I was just staring at his assload of AF2 (he had all but the hat, and instead had the Optical Hat) plus Jagd Gorgette and a bunch of other goodies.

The current 71+ shopping list for Yen:

Igqira Weskit: 700,000 gil (<-- this one I am lusting over particularly hard)
Errant Houppelande: 145,000 gil (Edit: Just grabbed this)
Igqira Manillas: 12,000 gil (<-- already snagged this one)
Errant Slops: 9,000 gil (Edit: And this!)
Diamond Ringx2: 200,000 gil EACH
Rainbow cape: 55,000 gil (Edit: This too, and I'm wearing it :D)

I would like the rest of the Igqira set just for fun, but I must concentrate on these first.

Considering the total comes to 1.3 mil. x_x; My current funds: 600k, and about 175k in merchandise on the AH. Halfway there. Stuff I can wear sooner is a higher priority, of course, like Rainbow Cape. I can sell my Red Cape +1 once I can wear that, which will help a little, since the price has shot up to 100k. Unfortunately, I'm going to be keeping most of the gear I have now, excepting my INT rings, so I won't have much to really sell to offset costs. Just gotta keep on making chiefkabobs and steamed crabs and stuff. Theoden pointed out Tavnazian Tacos, which is a 97 recipe with excellent stats for Paladin, but none have actually sold that I've seen. o_o;

Anyway, time for work.

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Date:2005-03-01 00:08
Subject:Maat Masher
Mood: happy

Title: Star BreakerCollapse )

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Date:2005-02-12 11:36
Mood: awake

Lesee. Dynamis - San d'Oria, huge success, lots of wipes, but oddly very little violence compared to Bastok.

Dynamis - Jeuno... failed. ; ; Only two pieces of AF2 dropped, only a couple relic weapons, no 100 bill currencies, no key item. It was an interesting learning experience, though, and it's not a complete loss: goblin NM names completely fucking ROCK. Also, they use Frypan. XD I actually took some video footage of Dynamis - San d'Oria and Dynamis - Jeuno. No spoilers, just several small clips pasted together of lots and lots of nuking, and lots and lots of dying.

Screenshots coming whenever I can be arsed to convert and sort 'em all.

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Date:2005-02-09 09:15
Mood: sleepy

I have Tu'Lia access now.

That is, (sky).

I'm so tired that my eyes hurt, but it's so worth it. Screenshots once I actually get there.

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Date:2005-01-29 14:24
Subject:Dynamis - Bastok Interloper
Mood: jubilant

~Cutscene screenshots~
Touching the trail markings...
On the way in

~Fight screenshots~
Welcome to the HappyHumans Dynamis linkshell, hosted by Cha Siu Bao, a Chinese HNM LS. Fifty-seven or more people attended this event.
Perpetual hourglass in motion. Upon entering, we were told that under no circumstances should we move from where we spawn, hence this huge crowd.
For once, the black mages were the front line. It was very exciting, and a great role change--usually I must stay in back, behind the melee, a safe distance away. But no, in Dynamis, we were charging forward with the puller, edging deeper and deeper in, catching and nuking the effigies (or statues as they were called over LS chat) before they could get to the melee. Statues were top priority; attacking them spawned Quadav or sometimes scorpions, which were highly deadly thanks to area of effect Petrify status.

Once Statues and Scorpions were wiped, our duty then was to help the melee with trains/links, since, well, they happened really often. So we often were nuking Quadav as well as statues and scorps. Lots and lots of them, though hate was really strange here, with 57+ people throwing damage and healing around, and often you can't see who the monsters are attacking. We did run into a little trouble with them, though. We had a nice little black mage body pile going on after that nasty ambush.

So it was mostly clearing the area, killing statues (some of which gave mana upon death). Some NMs popped. We had to kill them to pop the Mega Boss. The Mega Boss is... frighteningly large. Here's a better look at its enormous size. He went down nice and fast, relatively. We all got the key item, after killing a path back to the first puller who had suicide-pulled. Having about an hour left, it was all AF2 and 100-currency bill farming (though we got neither, other than a few [thousand] great katanas during the time we were INTENTIONALLY looking for it). Before this, during the actual process of clearing things out, however, we got 12 pieces of AF2. Don't remember all the jobs they were for, though. Only one BLM AF2 dropped, the tonban, but I lost the lot. ; ; Well, maybe next time.

A few misc. shots~
Vangard's Wyvern
About 5 minutes before we were going to leave Dynamis, EVERYONE cast lots on EVERYTHING.
Briefing on links.
Mere seconds before we were kicked out of Dynamis, I did what anyone would do: Took off running from the group.

And thus concludes my photo-documentary on Dynamis-Bastok. Next week: Dynamis-Windurst!

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Date:2005-01-29 01:51
Mood: awake

We kicked Dynamis-Bastok so hard that the Shadow Lord felt it. In his SPLEEN.

Cleared Mega Boss, got key item, and TWELVE pieces of AF2 dropped. TWELVE. That's really really good.

Screenshots forthcoming~

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