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HNM hunting.

A summary:

Leader: "Let us depart at the appointed time and hunt the mighty Simurgh."
All LS: "Yea!"
Leader: "And here is the appointed spot at the appointed time. Yenyoji, you shall stand here, for it spawns behind ye."
Yenyoji: "Understood."
Jackass: "Lo, this spot is terribly boring. I'm going to walk around. Yenyoji, cover this area."
Yenyoji: "Understood."
Simurgh: "I am the mighty Simurgh, whose boots are coveted by all! And here is the behind of a mithra wearing a demon hat."
Rival WHM: "Egads! I Flash thee!"
Simurgh: "I am enraged!"
All LS: "And so are we."
Yenyoji: "Yikes."
Jackass: "Behold, the newbs laid claim to Simurgh."
Yenyoji: "Yes, god forbid a budding HNM LS makes some money for once."
Jackass: "What was that?
Yenyoji: "I said, alas, at least we have the time of death."

Leader: "We shall kill it next time. Ho, to Roc!"
All LS: "Ho!"
Leader: "None are here. It is as good as ours!"
Roc: "Yo."
Rival RNG: "Haha, you all are fools! Your pull is slow, look, it walked around a good four seconds without your notice!"
All LS: "Silence, ye!"
Rival RNG: "I have the coveted time of death; we shall see thee tomorrow, simpletons!"
Jackass: "Newb!"

Leader: "And now, to Serket, the mighty scorpion! It is heavily camped, but we are many, surely we can outpull the masses!"
Fellow BLM: "Nay, I must sleep, thus the pond may be unguarded. Farewell, my comrades."
All LS: "Farewell, rest!"
Serket: "Avast, I bring destruction upon you! Egads, the rear of a mithran who is wearing a demon's skull."
Rival RDM: "Dia!"
Leader: "Egads, Yenyoji, you missed the pull once more."
Yenyoji: "A falsity, for that was our comrade's place before she retired. So there."
Leader: "Bugger."
Jackass: "Let us hope they fail!"
Rival group: "You cannot touch us, Serket!"
Serket: "I admit defeat."
Rival group: "Shield, alas."

Jackass: "We lost to newbs and Japanese! Forget that they respawn every day, forget that we usually get the claim on Simurgh! I am enraged that someone else had a chance!"
Yenyoji: "Wah wah wah."
Jackass: "Snarl and such!"


Seriously, though, why can't people just accept we were outpulled and not start drama? ;
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