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Dynamis - Beaucedine

(spoilers) We are briefed by Cornelia, years ago. If we can recover the final trophy, we can lift the veil to Xarcabard... and with a prayer, we are sent. (/spoilers)

Dynamis - Beaucedine, a truly dangerous place. The moon rises over us. Kirakun and Pockie warned us that this one was tough--we had to move, and fast. Time is always against us in Beaucedine.

The monsters are fierce and the NMs numerous, as well. But we made it to Fei'Yin without incident, where the megaboss waits... along with four dragons. Alpsyche will pull the dragons and take them to the starting point so that we can kill the mega boss.

The mega boss, when attacked, teleports around the arena randomly... Fenrir and Carbuncle were sent out to track it down when it disappeared. We killed it very quickly, and we got our key item. Well... all but Alpsyche. He was still alive, kiting the dragons around Beaucedine. It was time to go and try to save him. We ran far, far back... I saw some melee staring around the corner, and instead of stopping, I of course ran around it... and then immediately ran back, with my tail ablaze. (Note: This is the coolest picture EVER)

Everyone scattered and tried to escape. I took more breath damage and fell. Many others arrived at the same fate, though a few were merely bitten or stomped upon. Abott and Elyndra found me and rested beside me while the dragons were rampaging other people in the alliance. An amusing cry rang out somewhere in here, and the dragons went charging past once again.

Look carefully at these next pictures... note in this one that little taru in errant over on the far right... well, the view as the dragon departed... Yes, he's trying to hit the dragon with a dark staff.

(Spoilers) Time expired shortly after, and she greeted us again, once outside. And from there...(/Spoilers)

To Xarcabard

Or as many as I could capture in the mania. Names got cut off, sometimes, because they were pulled past us quickly and generally killed just as fast.

Soo Jopo the Fiendking
Maa Zaua the Wyrmkeeper
Xaa Chau the Roctalon
Droprix Granitepalms
Puu Timu the Phantasmal
Foo Peku the Bloodcloak
Xhoo Fuza the Sublime
Mu'Gha Legionkiller
Ji'Fhu Infiltrator
Hee Mida the Meticulous
Be'Zhe Keeprazer
Tocktix Thinlids
Knii Hoqo the Bisector
--Ryy Qihi the Idolrobber
Cobraclaw Buchzvotch
??rider Retzpratz
Ryy Qihi the Idolrobber
--Knii Hoqo the Bisector
--Jeunoraider Depkizip
--Gu'Khu Dukesniper
--Ultrasonic Zeknajak(?)
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