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.... the best Dynamis - Beaucedine in the history of mithra black mages!


Plus, 8 pieces of currency, and I got CHARMED. Yes, CHARMED. For those readers unfamiliar, Beastmaster enemies in Dynamis can charm, or take control, of you for a limited time. Only... it took control of about 10 people. At once. So there was a cloud of people chasing Dchaos around. XD Plus, I got Aspired. ( _ _)<3

Overall, awesome. I laughed, I squealed, I shook with amazed glee as I won the Sorcerer's coat lot with 241... yes... 241... the other BLM lotted 110 and 67. Only five BLM were present, two already had it...

A fine, fine run! :D Now, I just need the hat... my AF hat looks silly with it. ...actually, most of my equip looks silly with it. Alas.
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