Yenyoji the Conflagration (kittykaboom) wrote,
Yenyoji the Conflagration


King Destin : I have decided that it is in the best interest of the kingdom to prolong the Rights of Succession indefinitely. My sons still have much to learn of ruling a kingdom. Furthermore, when the time comes for me to step down, if I find my sons inadequate, I will not hestiate in selecting an heir from outside the d'Oraguille family.
It is not only the royal family, but others ilke Yenyoji, that have silently supported San d'Oria for the past twenty years. Perhaps it is an adventurer such as she that would be best suited for the throne.
The arrogance of the Elvaan has held back this country for much too long. From today forth, we shall recognize our fellow races and join hands with them to form a stronger, better kingdom.

Title: San d'Orian Heir
Rank: 10

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