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Dynamis - Bastok Interloper

~Cutscene screenshots~
Touching the trail markings...
On the way in

~Fight screenshots~
Welcome to the HappyHumans Dynamis linkshell, hosted by Cha Siu Bao, a Chinese HNM LS. Fifty-seven or more people attended this event.
Perpetual hourglass in motion. Upon entering, we were told that under no circumstances should we move from where we spawn, hence this huge crowd.
For once, the black mages were the front line. It was very exciting, and a great role change--usually I must stay in back, behind the melee, a safe distance away. But no, in Dynamis, we were charging forward with the puller, edging deeper and deeper in, catching and nuking the effigies (or statues as they were called over LS chat) before they could get to the melee. Statues were top priority; attacking them spawned Quadav or sometimes scorpions, which were highly deadly thanks to area of effect Petrify status.

Once Statues and Scorpions were wiped, our duty then was to help the melee with trains/links, since, well, they happened really often. So we often were nuking Quadav as well as statues and scorps. Lots and lots of them, though hate was really strange here, with 57+ people throwing damage and healing around, and often you can't see who the monsters are attacking. We did run into a little trouble with them, though. We had a nice little black mage body pile going on after that nasty ambush.

So it was mostly clearing the area, killing statues (some of which gave mana upon death). Some NMs popped. We had to kill them to pop the Mega Boss. The Mega Boss is... frighteningly large. Here's a better look at its enormous size. He went down nice and fast, relatively. We all got the key item, after killing a path back to the first puller who had suicide-pulled. Having about an hour left, it was all AF2 and 100-currency bill farming (though we got neither, other than a few [thousand] great katanas during the time we were INTENTIONALLY looking for it). Before this, during the actual process of clearing things out, however, we got 12 pieces of AF2. Don't remember all the jobs they were for, though. Only one BLM AF2 dropped, the tonban, but I lost the lot. ; ; Well, maybe next time.

A few misc. shots~
Vangard's Wyvern
About 5 minutes before we were going to leave Dynamis, EVERYONE cast lots on EVERYTHING.
Briefing on links.
Mere seconds before we were kicked out of Dynamis, I did what anyone would do: Took off running from the group.

And thus concludes my photo-documentary on Dynamis-Bastok. Next week: Dynamis-Windurst!
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