Yenyoji the Conflagration (kittykaboom) wrote,
Yenyoji the Conflagration


This entry is inspired by the fact that I am standing around Ru'Lude Gardens, bored out of my mind while we slowly get people together for WSNM fights.

Now, ever since I started playing, I've been obsessed with giving Yen fun and amusing outfits. I don't know why--I'm not a fashion-oriented person at all in real life. Give me a pair of baggy black pants and a comfy loose top and I'm good to go. FFXI, however... Well, I can't help but think that Yen just likes it.

Being a high level BLM means lots and lots of outfits. A different bit of equipment for a different occasion. Today's occasion... is FABULOUSNESS.

(This doesn't even cover, say, the RDM outfits I have, which are already becoming a celebration of amusing clothes.)

First, back to the basics. Here we have the original artifact set. About half of it is, miraculously, Shantotto's clothing. I'm not fully sure how that works, but okay! Yen finally got the mold out of the hat, too.

Next up is the San d'Oria national aketon, actually known as the Kingdom aketon. Not much of an outfit here, though the igqira stuff does go okay with it. Also pretty useless in Jeuno, because the aketon gives increased movement speed in San d'Oria. But hey. It's pretty.

Errant gear, topped with my demon helm instead of the dorky errant hat. It's got some insane INT+, but considering I can get elemental skill and magic attack bonus out of other pieces, I just use the top for resting (+5 MP when resting), and the pants for whenever I want to throw my INT all over the place. Also, as for looks... well, it's a bit too FLUFFY for a black mage, don't you think? Other than the helm, which screams "trying too hard", but it's great for running around Xarcabard. Gotta blend.

Moving on, we have the nearly-full Igqira set, missing the boots because they're expensive to make and pretty crappy for stats in most scenarios. Anyway, iqgira. Primal, dangerous, sexy (without being too showy). Also funny to randomly curse people in Ballista with it. This is one of my two favorite outfits.

And finally, my other favorite outfit and sort of a work-in-progress, the AF2 set. Gotta love all the black on a ... well, a black mage. Purple is good too. The hat was specially crafted by Llydia (aka Llewelyn). I'm hoping to replace the errant and stuff with actual AF2 eventually, but considering I got EXTREMELY lucky with this, that'll take a while.
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