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Geez, I totally forgot to do any sort of update on this journal forever. x_o

Still haven't defeated Dynamis Lord, but IceFarmers (my tuesday raid) continues to get EXTREMELY close to this goal. We got him to 9% last week, and this past tuesday we got him to about 15%, but some stuff went wrong so we probably could have done much better. We've also completely pwned attestation NMs, though we haven't gotten any that can be used immediately. I know one or two people are very, very close to getting their relic weapons upgraded to full.

I am now 3/5 on black mage AF2! I have hat, coat, and pants. So now I'm slowly not just presenting the best face when I put Yen in all that AF2 in pictures. Some people thought it was my full AF2 because I run around in silver/black gauntlets and silver boots (pieces of my melee outfit). Nah, but I'm getting closer, which makes me happy. I mostly just want full AF2 now so I can point and laugh at Ayrea.

Which leads me into something that's bothered me lately: The AF2 greed some people radiate is astounding. I don't know if it's trying to fool myself by thinking the main reason we're all there ISN'T AF2, but the people that flaunt that desire for it like they don't even care about the experiences, the funny jokes we make, the feeling of friendship and the bonds we form over this game. It's unfortunate, but two people that I otherwise like have done this. A RDM kept on continually babbling about "his" hat and how it should drop basically for him to win. It's okay to want the AF2 to drop and to want to win it, but it's not really polite to go on about it, is it?

Cidriel has become a permanent member of HappyHumans, my friday raids, yay~ unfortunately, HH needs some reform, because the raids have kind of gotten a bit sloppier every week. Alpsyche told me last night he was thinking of ditching HH and going with FateSealers' raids instead. See, people in HH don't like him. Not as badly as the annoyance people hold for, say, Aeges, but there are vocal few who complain about him and his performance. The event that stands out is when he won BLM AF2 pants for his BLM that deleveled twice doing Chains of Promathia missions, but he had applied for AF2 when he was the limit level. So, Kirakun didn't tell him to pass. Ayrea would have won it if he did, and so naturally she is PISSED AS HELL. She continues to be and just won't drop it. I've alternately made her my enemy and become a comrade depending on her mood. But I just don't put up with her shit anymore.

Beyond this, I haven't had much time to play lately due to school, so I'm mostly just doing Dynamis-type stuff. I did manage to finally get past the Aqueducts in CoP missions, and I definitely intend to finish CoP before the new expansion "Treasures of Aht Urhgan" comes out. I thought briefly that maybe I should leave the game, but I didn't expecially want to--it came down to deciding if it was worth my limited play time to still pay $16 a month. And I decided that yes, it's definitely worth it. Playing less is just fine and good. Just because I can't dedicate days at a time to the game anymore does not mean I have to quit. So I look forward to the next expansion with a lot of excitement, because it promises new jobs and possibly a whole new CONTINENT of areas to explore, and that's the one aspect of the game that's never let me down--exploration. That and Dynamis are two of my favorite things, and I don't mind paying that much a month to keep on doing those.

And dear god, "Distant Worlds", the Chains of Promathia ending song, is so gorgeous. It makes me feel sentimental. I wish I had the lyrics for it. If anyone knows, don't delay giving me a link/posting them here.

Okay, I've been meaning to post some pictures, so here you go.

My personal best record so far. People on certain monsters in sea can do far higher numbers, but eh. I was level 74 at the time, no merits, so can't I feel proud?!

And then sometime around there I hit 75. :D

What goes around comes around...

I love IceFarmers. Any LS where members are happy for each other to get rare AF2 is a good one. ^^

...hey, just nuking gets boring, okay!?

This one we actually had an excuse--it used Magic Barrier, so none of our spells were doing any damage.

Kobla-chan. :D She's the cutest moblin of them all. Cutest goblin goes to that one that dressed up in feathers to sneak herself into Castle Oztroja, and has a pet coeurl named Brutus.

If I can't ever decorate my house to look Victorian or Gothic (architectural style), I'm aiming for Shadow Lord's bedroom. This calls into question why my tastes in interior decorating always have to be so extravagant. :\

Killing Shadow Lord with three people very quickly is a very nice feeling of power. :D I believe this was phase two, the magic-vunerable stage. Hence the sick magic burst.

The hat. 'nuf said.

My fellowship NPC and I. As you can see, I altered the character models. I wanted Yen's to look a bit more powerful, and Sufhi... I just got tired of that face having no stripes. I might mute the coloring sometime, fix the stripes a bit, but it's okay for now.
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